Collagen boosting ClearLift Laser & Micro-needling stem cell serum treatment

Avalon’s iconic Clearlift combined with micro-needling is a result driven, multi-method experience for smoother, younger & healthier skin.  Blending state-of-the-art laser technology with micro needling & custom blended serums.

Collagen induction therapy and Clearlift laser, are scientifically proven to regenerate dermal cells, resulting in healthier, smoother, younger looking, more resilient skin. Micro-needling allows deep penetration of custom mixed stem cell serums and hydrating actives to target cell renewal and repair in the upper dermis, whilst Clearlift remains the World’s best anti-aging laser to treat wrinkles, fine lines, reduce open pores and build new collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. Cells begin to renew and repair within hours, as collagen production boosts, you can expect to see the best results from 4 – 12 weeks onwards.

The Collagen boosting ClearLift Includes:

  • Custom selected comfortable peel
  • Clearlift laser for face
  • Micro-needling stem cell infusion
  • Custom blended serums and ImPact
  • Moisturise and SPF

Offering an instant glow and definition, with long-lasting visible results.

Perfect For

Building new collagen, plumping, wrinkle and fine line reduction, reducing open pores, scaring and acne scaring, smoothing skin surface, smokers’ lines, dark circles, Ageing well.

This treatment will take about 90 minute.

From £200.00