Alessandra D’Ambrosia opts for the latest ‘no knife facelift’ Clearlift 4D

The stunning Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, has revealed that her go-to treatment before heading down the red carpet is Harmony™ ClearLift™

Already a hit with international dermatologists and laser surgeons, Harmony™ ClearLift™ also known as “the laser face lift”, is a 30 minute treatment that lifts and firms the face, neck and chest with no needles, knives or down time making it the ideal pre-event treatment.

The state of the art technology divides up the laser light in to multiple fractions that go deeper into the dermis and cause regeneration from underneath with absolutely no injury to the skins surface, leaving no redness or tell tale signs.  And what’s more it’s a universal treatment for all ages and skin types! No wonder Alessandra sneaked a quick session in before her red carpet appearance at The Venice Film Festival.