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Price List and Offers

Here at Avalon Medi Spa we can create a bespoke set of courses for your skin needs, we don't wish to tie you into a set of treatments which may not be suitable and highly recommend you visit the clinic for a free consultation where your skin treatments can be discussed, examined and planned out into a set of treatments that are right for you.

Please see the below as pricing guide to give you an idea of how much treatments cost. Discounts are available on multiple session bookings.

We also only use the most advanced equipment and plan to put together seasonal treatment packages to meet your needs and give you even more value for money.

Laser Hair Removal 

Smaller Areas including Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Toes, Fingers, Nose, Fingers and Earlobes from £25

Small - Medium Areas including Navel, Nipples, Chin, Underarms, Hands, Feet, Cheekbones, Sideburns from £50

Medium - Large Areas including Bikini Line, Upper Arms, Lower Arms, Lower Legs, Shoulders and Abdomen from £100

Larger Areas Legs, Half Back, Neck, Buttocks, Hollywood, Chest are from £149

To completely remove all hair we recommend around 6 or more treatments dependent on your body hair type and the area being treated. 

Get 1 small area free when booking 2 medium or large areas. 

Medical Tattooing  

Complete Areola Reconstruction is £300

Cleft Lip is from £200 dependent on the level of laser treatments needed

Scalp Camoflage from £200 dependent on the size of the area

Scars, Stretch Marks and Burns are from £200 dependent on the size of the area

Top Up Treatments thereafter your initial package are charged at £125 

Semi-Permanent Make Up  

Eyebrows - £395 including top up

Eyeliner - £225 including top up 

Lips - £350 including top up 

Beauty Spot - £75 including top up 

An second top up is included in the initial price and any additional top up's thereafter are charged from £125

Tattoo Removal  

From £150 dependent on the size of the tattoo 

ClearLift Face Lifts  

£99 for one single treatment around the eye area and discounts available on multiple bookings. 

A one off ClearLift Laser Facial including Glycolic Peel and Bespoke Mask is £149 

A course of 6 ClearLift Laser sessions is charged at £600 


Murad Facials are £50

Pigmentation and Thread Veins from £50 

Skin Lifts - Face and Neck - Skin Needling and Ultrasound are £99 for one single treatment and discounts available on multiple bookings. 

Laser Skin Resurfacing is from £200

Acne and Blemish    

Acne and Blemish - Murad Facials are £50

Acne Facial with LED Therapy is £55

Acne Laser Treatments from £100

Acne Scarring from £199  

Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lifts    

A full Face and Neck Lift costs £600 

Singular sessions start at £95 

Hand Rejuvenation    

Hand Rejuvenation starts from £99 


Avalon Hand rejuvination june 2016

Consultation and Treatment
For a free consultation and patch test in a relaxed, private setting, contact Avalon Medi Spa. With the latest technology and most effective treatments and products at our fingertips, we can customize a treatment plan that is ideal for you and your skin.